Introduce Cataler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

        Cataler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, a manufacturer of motorcycle catalyst and automotive catalyst,was established in August 1996 with a capital fund of 500 million baht and an investment support by the board of investment of Thailand (BOI).

          At present, several customers pay great attention to our products; therefore,we have to increase a large quantity of production to respond to customers' demand: an average amount of our products is more than 2 million pcs in year 2007

          With 10-year-experience in manufacturing of motorcycle and automotive part to supply both domestic and foreign market,CTC has been attempting to improve quality of product and service to reach oru customers' satisfaction.

          CTC has been certified ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO14001:1996 by Lloyd's Register (LRQA) on January 26th,2004. The purposeful scope of these certificates is to manufacture emission control catalysts for automobiles and motorcycles.


















     Cataler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd produces and supplies catalyst by realizing to best quality and service.Therefore,we have applied quality management system with potential improvement and good cooperation fo our human resource to satisfy customers and lead to continual development

Social Responsibility

1. To obey rule and discipline of environmental management continually.
2. To improve and control problems of pollution according to objective and purpose of ISO14001:1996
3. To use technology, resource, and energy worthily.
4. To promote appropriate training and awareness in environmental preserve and occupational health and safety